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Ethereal White Protection Wall Hamsa

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Introducing our exclusive piece like no other. Created and specifically designed from a traditional perspective brought forward with a modern touch. Adorn the walls in your home with this blessing inviting Peace Love Protection and Luck. This Bold and Beautiful piece makes a great housewarming gift, engagement or wedding gift.

Hamsa, the hand symbol meaning of 5, represents great fortune, good luck and the act of shielding. Widely known through diverse cultures in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa with Morocco being the heart of all our designs - the birthplace of my parents and the generations of our family that came before.

"Hamsa Alek" in arabic means "Hands on You" a common phrase used for wishing good fortune, good luck and spiritual protection to the recipient, what an amazing gift for your loved ones.
This piece is a limited production  EXCLUSIVE design of HAMSA ALEK.  
  • Size
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Branded Hamsa Alek charm with blessing for Peace Love Protection and Luck on the back
  • Hung from Kabbalah Red String
  • Kabbalah Red string tassel
  • Handmade 
  • Gift ready as with all our pieces

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