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Semi Fine and Fashion Jewelry

Semi-Fine Jewelry

Semi-fine jewelry is the category that bridges the gap between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Semi-fine jewelry is typically characterized as being gold plated, gold vermeil (a thicker gold plating) or gold fill jewelry. This category of jewels is often made with genuine stones such as aquamarine, opals, morganite, etc. but one thing that sets semi-fine jewelry apart from fashion jewelry is that the base metal used is typically sterling silver so even under the gold plated or vermeil layer is a high quality metal that will stand the test of time. You will also see a lot of semi-fine jewelry that is made with lab created or enhanced stones as these have similar visual properties to genuine stones but with a lower price tag.

It's important that semi-fine or gold plated jewelry not be worn in the shower, pool, to sleep or when working out. You should also take care when applying lotions because water and the oil in lotion can cause gold plating to wear down over time. Jewelry that falls into the semi-fine category should be reserved for pieces that are fashion forward but not expected to last a lifetime. This category of jewelry is one of our favorites as it allows us to offer a wide range of on trend jewelry at affordable prices.


Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is typically made with non-precious stones and metals such as brass, bronze and copper. These are rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets made with cubic zirconia crystals, beads, leather or acrylic materials. So a leather choker or a beaded friendship bracelet would fall into this category. Fashion jewelry can also include some gold plated jewelry but the base metal with fashion jewelry is typically brass or copper or stainless steel. Always lead and nickel free and hypoallergenic.