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Hippie Hamsa Gemstone Necklace

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The Hippie Hamsa Collection.


Our newest handmade brass and gemstone collection. The bohemian style is so earthy and meaningful. Each natural gemstone reflects different energetic properties and offers a unique protective element.


Pendant size: 2 cm x 4 cm 
Material: Brass
Chain Length: 18 inches, 20 inches or 22 inches

Necklace Length Guide

Choosing a necklace length: Below is a chart for your reference which illustrates how various lengths looks on a woman with a petite / average body (may vary upon individual).

Jewelry Care Tips
  • 🍶 Avoid direct contact with perfume, lotions, hair sprays or other chemicals
  • 🛌 Remove your jewelry before going to bed
  • ☀️ Avoid direct sunlight, heat or cold, especially humidity
  • 💦 Remove Jewelry during activities that make you sweat or get wet like a bath or shower
  • ✋ Clean the jewelry after each use and occasionally with a soft cloth.
  • 💝 Store jewelry separately in an airtight jewelry or pouch to minimize oxidation

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