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I Create ... I Wear ... I Sell Collections

Posted by Deborah Elfassy on

I’ve always been drawn to aesthetics and beauty through all my senses.

I imagine things in my head. I create looks by mixing things. My clothing always had a vintage flair mixed with cultural aspects. I wear what I like and I enjoy having things around me that I like to look at.

This takes to me to one of the many projects I’m working on. I don’t know when I became a maker ... I’ve been a maker all my life ....

I’m reminded that I first made jewelry in my early 20’s using everything that you could imagine. Even mixing vintage coins and beads from Kensington Market and even incorporating hardware from an old shop on Queen St in Toronto where I was born and raised. (For those that grew up in Toronto it’s the one with the gorilla in front).

I was a University of Toronto student, living downtown with friends, waitressing and, on the side, I would make cool jewelry and sell it to my restaurant customers that noticed it and friends and just by word of mouth. It was a hobby. Just like thrifting and finding cool clothes. I’d literally wear the craziest mix of bohemian and glam.

I liked things that had a story or I found interesting. I’ve always been drawn to kaftans and kimono and robes. I like comfort I must say. And I love accessories. I’m all about accessories. It’s an expression and it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m just piling it on. Other times I’m just in a simple mood.

But I never thought I could be creative AND make a living from it. It feels healing to be creative. I love transforming thought into reality.

I digress. I always digress. Haha I just write stream of consciousness.

What I was going to tell you all when I stated was that I love feeling creative and I’m working on some really cool home jewelry pieces. Each with a story. And each with my heart and soul infused in. One of a kind or limited production.

I can’t wait to show you. I have so many projects for Hamsa Alek. Thanks for joining me on this passion project and my mazal (destiny).

Peace Love Protection Luck.

Deborah Elfassy
Hamsa Alek


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