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Rose Quartz - The Love Crystal

Posted by Deborah Elfassy on

I wanted to share this beautiful gem I acquired through an Etsy shop pictured on our small Hamsa trinket dish.

This Rose Quartz Crystal was mined in special place to my Father and I plan to put it on a my Father's z”l grave when I am able to visit Toronto for the one year anniversary.

It was mined in Bou Azzer District (Bou Azer District), Tazenakht, Ouarzazate Province, Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco 🇲🇦

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Rose Quartz Crystal : (taken from fossils.and.minerals Etsy description)

Rose Quartz is often referred to as the stone of the heart and associated with the heart chakra. It can be used during meditation and chakra balancing sessions to call in divine loving energies to heal the aura and help break down emotional wounds or any destructive feelings and resentments in your heart, bringing you back to a state of balance and harmony.

Rose Quartz symbolises unconditional love and is endowed with gentle, feminine energies. It enables us to to truly love ourselves and others and also accept love from others. It can be used to strengthen existing connections and give courage and faith to make new ones. Rose quartz helps people overcome sleep disorders, a piece placed near the bed has been found to help people with insomnia and to regulate sleep patterns. It can also help children who suffer from nightmares.

It stimulates the creative side of the brain and many artists, writers and musicians like to have it with them when they create.

It is also the stone of love and many use it to attract new people to them and strengthen existing relationships as well as healing the heart and clearing old hurts.

Many emotional trauma are stored at the heart centre (chakra), it can help to release these allowing the flow of unconditional love to move effortlessly through you.

This post is dedicated and posted on June 16, 2021 which is the Nahala of my Father's passing, may his memory be blessed and his soul be elevated.  My love for you has no bounds. (this gem from Morocco lies on his gravestone)


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